Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Alone

I love the story of Joshua’s call to be the next leader of Israel. There are numerous changes about to take place for the Israelites. They are about to go from being slaves and nomads to a people rich with land and resources. They are about to become a mighty nation. Joshua is called to lead this period of transition. In addition, he is taking the place of Moses…talk about big shoes to fill! Obviously, this calling makes him scared and anxious. What if the people compare him to Moses? What if the people don’t like him? What happens if their mission fails? God does not answer these fears with a detailed plan of the future. God does not tell him that everything will be easy, and he does not try to boost Joshua’s self-esteem. Rather, God tells Joshua over and over, “Do not be afraid….do not be discouraged….for I am with you.”

God makes that same promise for us today. He will help us through the times of transition and difficulty. Life can be overwhelming at times. There are so many things to get done and numerous expectations to meet. In these moments we must remember that we do not work alone. We must trust that God can do great things through us...even in the small and tedious tasks of life. We must rely on the Holy Spirit for direction and strength. If we rely solely on our own strength and effort, we will receive the results that own hard work can do. However, if we rely on God, we will get what God can do. So…keep praying and keep trusting and watch how he does things beyond our highest expectations.