Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Kind of Adoption?

Once you make the decision to adopt, the next question is who and where? Infant or older child? Domestic or international? What about race or gender?

Often these discussions about where and who can get heated and judgmental? Some people think domestic adoption is the only route? “We should take care of our own first!” Others think that the need overseas is greater because most countries do not have the foster care system our country can provide. Therefore, children from other countries are the most in need. Honestly, I think whoever and wherever you adopt is incredible! I think each family needs to prayerfully discern their own adoption journey. The need is great here and abroad. Every orphan needs a home and every child needs a family.

With that said, our family is currently involved with a domestic adoption agency. This agency typically finds matches with mothers before they have the child and the mother is able to pick a family she feels comfortable with. Also, after much prayer and conversation, we have put in for a minority child. There is a great need in our country for those willing to adopt children who are minorities. There are numerous parents lined up for Caucasian infants, but not near as many for biracial or African American children. Most people living in the Southern States are aware of foster care systems overloaded with minority children.

Again, this is our calling as a family and others may be called differently. A child in need is a child in need. The important thing is for us as Christians to be open to God’s leading. Will we go where he tells us to go? Will we do what he tells us to do? I know one thing…there is nothing better than following Christ and being in the center of his will.

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