Friday, May 13, 2011

Core Values

Our youth group just finished a sermon series entitled "One Month 2 Live." What would change about our lives if we had only 30 days left? What would change about our priorities and the way we treat those around us?

One of the things I asked our youth team and students to do is make a list of core values. These values are beliefs that you would like to characterize the way you live and make decisions. So often in life we just kind of survive...we simply get by and forget the bigger picture.

What do I really value? What is most important? Does my life reflect these values? If not, what needs to change? Spend an afternoon in prayer and reflection...make your list. Here is mine.

Core Values
  • Family Man
    • To be a Godly husband and father…loving, caring, and devoted.
  • Always Growing
    • I never want to be stagnant…my prayer is that my faith and knowledge would continue to grow. Pursuing holiness of heart and life.
  • Love the Church
    • My mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • Hospitality and Giving
    • Having people over, giving people a place to stay, sharing our resources with those in need.
  • Seek faithfulness, not success
    • Not allowing numbers and people-approval to become idols in my ministry. Being faithful to God and those in my care is more important. The world does not need more great preaches and managers. The world needs more people who have hearts attached to Jesus.
  • Laughter
    • Never take myself too seriously…have fun, enjoy life, and make others smile.
  • Be present…to God, others, and my own soul
    • Never lose site of the bigger picture and the bigger story.