Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Every Leader Needs an Abishai

The paragraph below is taken from an article written by a fellow youth worker named Doug Fields:

“Building a healthy ministry doesn’t happen in isolation. It requires teamwork! In my years of ministry I’ve worked with incredible people–people who are much more talented and gifted than I could ever dream to be. One of the reasons that I’ve been able to pursue a lot of different opportunities is because I’ve always surrounded myself with an “Abishai”. I know, you’re thinking, “Huh? Did Doug not take his meds today?” Every leader needs an Abishai. I realize this is not a very catchy leadership phrase, but this person is crucial to the success of a leader. You need an Abishai!”

Abishai was a warrior and a friend of King David. He is mentioned in 2 Samuel 21. In verses 15-17 we read: “David and his men were in the thick of battle, David became weak and exhausted…Ishbi-benob had cornered David and was about to kill him. But Abishai came to his rescue and killed the Philistine.”

David had several men around him who were extremely loyal and dependable. I believe that every minister needs several Abishais. We need people with whom we can share the joys and struggles of ministry. We need people who can help us when we are weak and exhausted. Ministry is better and healthier when it is done together. With that said…let me just say how thankful I am for my youth team. They are not simply chaperones who help watch teenagers…they are fellow youth workers who serve and love teenagers. They are good friends I can depend on.