Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Good News You’ll Never See on TV

It’s always interesting to see what stories the news channels will obsess over. One thing is a guarantee…they will usually focus on negative events. Ratings are the main goal and good news simply does not get enough viewers. This is certainly the case when it comes to news about teenagers. Typically, there are only reports about young people when they have done something terrible (i.e. shootings, theft, bullying). You’ll never hear a story about a group of teenagers who spent a whole week of their summer vacation to work on houses in rural Kentucky. A youth group restoring two houses for two families seems very small and unimportant when compared to the latest political scandal, debt crises, and NFL lockout. Yet, most of these news stories being reported on today will be quickly forgotten. And most of these stories have very little eternal significance and minimal effect on God’s redemptive purposes. But from God’s perspective, one mission trip from one youth group has incredible importance and worth. One soul saved and one person served makes all of heaven rejoice!

It was such a privilege to be a part of this mission trip. It was amazing to see our young people work together, worship together, and play together. On the last night we had Holy Communion and a foot washing service. I cannot describe the emotions I felt seeing our youth wash each other’s feet and express words of kindness to one another. I saw a mom wash her son’s feet…a brother wash his little sister’s feet…a husband wash his wife’s feet…friends wash each other’s feet. Yes, the week was tiring and difficult at times. However, there is no greater joy then witnessing our youth take part in God’s redemptive mission. God is working and active in profound ways around our world...it’s just that most of the time it doesn’t make the headlines.