Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cool Ideas For Parents and Families

Here are some ideas that Kelli and I are doing and will do in the future. Does your family have any good traditions that have helped your family?

1. Go on special dates with your children.
2. Go on mission trips together.
3. Be very intentional with the Christian holidays (keep Christ at the center).
4. Remember our baptisms by having a family dinner and a gift.
5. Read to/with them.
6. Pray with/for them. Let them hear us praying for them.
7. Really listen to them (don't rush to fix their problem).
8. Ask them for forgiveness when we mess up.
9. Have fun with them and laugh a lot! (camping, food fights, hide and seek, movie nights)
10. Give away clothes and toys periodically. Find ways to reward and teach compassion.

* Give ourselves grace when we fail. Parenting isn't easy and neither is marriage. But God is good and love is sweet!

Easter 2012