Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kenzie...Healing...and Jesus

On Monday Kenzie had another EEG. The results came back completely normal! This may not seem like a big deal, but a year and half ago Kenzie's EEG was anything but normal. At 6 months old, Kenzie was having infantile spasms and her test results were not good. A year and a half later, Kenzie is no longer having seizures and her EEG looks great. She will remain on medicine for another year and if everything remains positive the doctor will take her off. However, Kenzie will always have the potential for seizures and she may have to stay on medicine for the rest of her life. We will wait/pray and see.

Nevertheless, the doctor considers her a miracle baby and so do we. We are very thankful (and amazed) at how well she is doing.

With that said, I realize for every family that receives a healing, there is another family who does not. Any time I hear someone celebrate the miracle of being cancer free…I think of those in the congregation who have lost loved ones due to cancer. Why are some healed and others not? There are faithful Christians who receive a miracle and some do not. Why? I will not pretend that I have the time or the smarts to answer that question fully.

However, one thing that may help is understanding the WHY of miracles. The point of miracles is not the miracles themselves. Our moments of healing are actually small previews into God’s future. In other words, the miracles of Jesus show what the future will be, what his complete kingdom will look like one day.

For instance, the raising of Lazarus from the dead reveals that one day all will be called from death to life, but of course Lazarus did die again. In the same way, Jesus multiplied bread and fed the hungry, a sign that one day stomachs will never be empty, but certainly there were other individuals who went hungry that night. You see every child cured will one day be an adult buried. We live in a world of death and disease. This is why healings are rare and unique. 

The miracles of Jesus are not the point of the text; they are not what is most important. What is most important is what these miraculous healings point to: they point to Jesus. They show us who he is. They reveal his compassion and kindness. They show us what his incarnation is all about. That we worship a Savior who has entered our world…who has entered our mess…who has entered our lives and made us whole. You see, our rare moments of healing give us a taste of God’s future reign. One day there will be no disease, or sickness, or sin, or death. One day God’s peace and God’s shalom will be complete. And all that is broken will be made whole. 

So if your family is rare and has experienced the miracle of healing, then rejoice and be thankful. However, if your family has experienced the norm of sickness and suffering, be assured that one day this too will pass. Be comforted by a Savior who is always with you and who has personally experienced the suffering and disappointment of this world.