Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics (and Adoption)

People get pretty heated about politics so I do not usually say too much about them. I do think politics are important and I do think people should vote. However, I do not believe politicians or government will ever solve the real problems in this world. Governments cannot transform hearts. Politicians cannot redeem our communities. It seems people believe that if "their candidate" or party wins everything will be right in our country. I think that is overly optimistic. On the flip side, people believe if the other party wins then we are all doomed. I think that is overly pessimistic. Maybe are passions are misguided.

What if all the passion we had about politics was directed somewhere else?

What if we used our energy differently? What if we did something?

What if being pro-life was more than just a political slogan? What would happen if we were really pro-life? What would change if we all cared for orphans? What would happen if we actually lived out James 1:27?

What if we stopped talking about the poor and entitlements and instead actually served the poor (Matthew 25)?

What would change if we lived the gospel and didn't just preach it? What would happen if we followed the example of Christ and didn't just call ourselves Christian?

What if we stopped getting angry at other people and got angry at our own sin?

People do get heated about politics...and sometimes rightly so. But why are we not "heated" about the thousands of children without families? Why are we not "heated" about kids sold into slavery? I don't think we should stop caring about politics, but I do think we should care about other things more. And if I sound preachy, please know that I am preaching to myself as well. (Plus, I'm a preacher so I can't really help it.)

I pray God would break my heart for the things that break his heart. I pray I would share his desires and passions. I'm not always there, but I'm getting better. I realize that many people are already doing the very things I mentioned. I know many people who are loving orphans, serving the poor, and living the gospel. I am very grateful for these individuals. God's kingdom work is being done, we just need to join the movement.