Thursday, October 4, 2012

Youth Training

Fellow youth pastors...I need your help! I am working with the conference on developing a certification school for youth workers. This training would be similar to the training of local license pastors. 

Full-time youth ministers could certainly attend this training, however, the main goal is to help small-ish churches in equipping their youth workers who are typically part-time or volunteer. This certification would also give these youth workers some clout and respect as well. Below is a tentative description of the program. We are very early in the game. In fact, nothing is in stone and no one has even agreed to be a part of the program. I just want to get some initial thoughts from friends. Thanks for your help!

Is there anything missing in the curriculum? 
What books would you suggest as reading material before class sessions?
How does the daily schedule look? Would you add or subtract anything from it? 
If we proceed with this program, would you be interested in helping?

About the Program

The youth ministry certification school would serve to equip youth workers and provide value to the youth worker’s resume. In addition, the school will hopefully provide an affordable way for churches to assist and support their youth workers. The program is especially designed for lead youth workers who are either volunteers or part-time. The ten courses give a foundation for youth ministry education. Individuals would meet on 5 Saturdays within a 6 month period. Each day the student will cover two courses. There will also be reading assignments before and after the on-site classes. Upon completion of the ten courses, a certificate will be issued to the student.

About the Curriculum
  • A Foundation of Youth Ministry: Planning, Purpose, Resources, and Goals
  • Culture and Youth Ministry: Understanding Teenagers
  • The Family and Youth Ministry: Partnering with Parents
  • Building a Team: Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers
  • Wesleyan Theology
  • Speaking to Teenagers: Preaching 101
  • Counseling Youth: Helping Hurting Kids
  • The Other Side of Youth Ministry: Administration, Safe Sanctuary, Conflict Resolution, Working With Your Pastor, and Fundraising.
  • Leadership Training
  • Soul Care: The Personal and Spiritual Life of a Healthy Youth Worker


9:30am-12:00pm--Course 1
1:00pm—3:30pm—Course 2
3:30pm-4:00pm—Devotion and Communion