Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ancestors--New Small Group Study

This Sunday our youth ministry will begin a new small group series called: "Ancestors: The Old Testament." We will be looking at the faithfulness (and messiness) of several key figures of the Old Testament. More importantly, we will see God's faithfulness and grace despite the flaws of his people. And hopefully we will begin to see that we are a part God's redemptive story as well. 

We are using a curriculum from Spark House. Our student ministry did adjust the curriculum some, but overall Spark House has some amazing resources. Their videos are very well done. Below is an example.

Session 1 Adam and Eve
    The Lovable Mess-Ups

Session 2 Noah
    The Obedient Eccentric

Session 3 Abraham and Sarah
    The Ordinary Patriarchs

Session 4 Moses
    The Frustrated Leader

Session 5 Deborah
    The Exasperated Matriarch

Session 6 David
    The Flawed and Beloved King

Session 7 Elijah
   The Get-R-Done Prophet

Session 8 Daniel
    The Invincible Visionary